Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Science at the Cemetery

I have always been interested in the story behind cemetery monuments and the science behind cemetery maintenance.  A great cemetery for Chicago history and restoration and conservation science is Graceland Cemetery, located within walking distance to Wrigley Field.  Many Chicago famous are buried in this cemetery including Ernie Banks, Marshall Field, George Pullman, the Palmers of the Palmer house, McCormicks, and Kimball, the organ and piano maker.  A few pictures are below.
Ernie Banks monument
The monument of George Pullman, of the rail car company and builder of the Pullman District.  His family was so concerned about disgruntled former employees vandalizing his grave and coffin that they had is coffin covered in asphalt, but in a concrete box, and covered with railroad ties.  
Monument of Potter Palmer and his wife, Edith.  Edith's sister Ida, married the son of former President Ulysses S. Grant. 
The Hoyt family opened up a wholesale grocery store in Chicago after the Chicago fire.
The monument of Dexter Graves, known as 'Eternal Silence'.  Needless to say, there are many urban legends about this figure.

I found a blog from another cemetery enthusiast today that is a great link to Microbiology due to all of the children buried there who died of infectious disease that is now preventable due to vaccines.
Here is the link

Monday, May 15, 2017

Binky takes a Bath

Binky loves to bathe and will take a bath anywhere inc
luding the kitchen sink, Sparkles' water dish, and my dog Comet's dish.  Given the opportunity, he will hop in a full bathtub or the toilet as well.
 Binky in Sparkles' water

         Binky in Comet's dish

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Binky's new sibling

On Saturday, April 29, one of the eggs laid by my pair of parakeets hatched.  Baby #1 is shown below.  On Monday, May 1, a second chick hatched, although it's been hard to get a picture of both.

Both chicks at two weeks are pictured below.

Chicks at 18 days checking out Comet, my Eskie dog.

Here are the chicks grown up
At 2 months old, they are flying quite well.  One of the babies decided to sit in the skylight yesterday.  Guess who will be getting his wings clipped soon?

Binky has no boundaries

Based on Binky's behavior, I can see how cowbirds become brood parasites.  Binky knows no boundaries and thinks nothing of invading the space of my other pets.  Below, Binky pecks at the sleeping Sparkles until she wakes up and finally scratches him with her ears, which is what he wanted.

Occasionally, Binky annoys Sparkles so much that she chases him.

He also annoys my dog, Comet, by eating his food and taking a bath in his water dish in spite of the fact that he has his own.